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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


What I have learned of the cult of death called Islam, the so called "Religion of Peace," has changed me forever. I have viewed videos and photos of the vicious, barbarous acts that no human being  should ever see, mainly because the inhumanity found in those photos should not exist on the planet Earth. The things that I have learned about Islam have given me a resolve to reveal to all that will look and listen, that this evil, which now lives among us is so appalling that it must be pushed back to the deserts of death from which it sprang. 

I can now grasp the full meaning of the word "Quandary," for I am facing one. I would not want any human being of good faith to see the photographs of pure evil that I have collected. The other side of the quandary is that I want everyone to see these images of things far worse than mere death, for all should be aware that such evil exists, and never ever let anyone tell you otherwise. 

This evil is being perpetrated on us by our leaders in their struggle to create multiculturalism for which I am certain many are being well paid. There is a term that the Progressives of the world love to use ... Moral Equivalence, which basically means that there is no right and wrong, and that we are all equal. That is a blatant lie! We are not equal and there is a great gulf between the premises of Right and Wrong, and if you have the stamina to view these photographs that I have collected, I am confident you will be convinced of the truth of that statement. While it is true there is much wrongdoing in the world, it is a world that would be reasonably peaceful except where Islam reigns or is gaining in strength.

If you are anything like me you have been trying to awaken your fellow human beings to the dangers we face from this tribal mentality that has cast a dark shadow over the world for fourteen hundred years. Any who disbelieve that Islam is an incarnation of evil will have to accept the reality that we know to be true. If they can look at the following photos and walk away unscathed by the experience and still defend Islam then they are one of two things. Evil, or simply not worth saving.

Imagine being this person, partly covered with soil and helpless, knowing that soon a frenzied crowd will begin throwing rocks at you and continue until you are dead.

Religion of Peace or Cult of Death?

As our politicians push unrelentingly for multiculturalism we shall see far more of this.

So many women are the victims of acid attacks in Bangladesh that special hospitals have been built for that purpose only. Business is so good that there are no beds available. This was done to her because she refused to let her husband bring another woman into their home.

Just another in a long line of acid attacks.

Some men love to throw acid in a woman's face. Usually under the laws of Islam there is no punishment.

Fifteen year old girl scarred for life because she refused a marriage proposal.

This woman and her daughter were acid attack victims due to a land dispute. 

Another young lady with no future.

Shahnaz Bibi, 35, poses for a photograph in Lahore Pakistan, Sunday, October 26, 2008. Ten years earlier Shahnaz was burned with acid by a relative, due to a familial dispute.

Attacked with a machete for going to school. She survived. Her friends did not.

She just wanted an education.

We think that the cost of education is high. This is the price that she paid in the quest for knowledge.

So many women die trying to protect their child.

No word better describes this little man's final moments that 'Agony'.

I don't even want to think about what happened here. but there are times when even death is a blessing.

Another woman died trying to protect her child.

The date shown on this image is incorrect. It was a brand new camera and the owner had not yet made the necessary adjustments. This was Christmas Eve in Egypt.
The partial remains of a suicide bomber.

This is only part of the story. The other parts are on the other side of the road.

Young man, proud of his trophy.

Too young to be victims.

There are always more children.

All the young victims; lined up in a neat row.

The photos in this essay bother Americas but most were taken by Muslims so they can enjoy the event again and again.

One of the things that bothers me about the Muslim psyche is the fact that they are so brain washed. Note that this man's hands are not tied behind his back. He simply knelt dutifully and had his head chopped off.

We were taught to live by The Golder Rule. Muslims have a different rule to live by.

Earlier I mentioned their love of cameras that allow them to relive the horrors in which they indulge. Here we see a young man being beaten to death and there is another young man with a camera, plus the one that took this photo.

The blood at this 'Festival' comes, thankfully, from animals and not humans, but the photo well indicates their love of shedding blood. When they say that their goal is to have our streets flowing with blood; Believe them.

Being gay in the land of Allah is fraught with danger, and the loyal of Islam love mass executions. Look closely at the bottom of the photo. There is another hanging taking place in the distance.

These are self inflicted wounds in a Muslim ritual, and they want to enlighten the West. Just recently the Prime Minister of England, David Cameron said that the English need to behave more like Muslims.

The Qur'an tells us that cutting off a thief's hand is a good way to stop him from stealing.

Christians often pay a high price for their beliefs.

Being shot is one thing. Mutilation is totally savage.

We, as Americans, cringe at the thought of Nazi attocities, and yet communism has killed far far more. Islam has murdered more than the Nazis and communists combined. What they have done in India over the years staggers the imagination.

The Hindus of India have long fell under the swords of Islam.

Given the right set of circumstances, any and all human beings are capable of killing another, but the Qur'an leads its followers to kill and mutilate by by the most gruesome methods they can think of. The things they do sicken the people of the West. Those of Islam love these horrors so mucn that when possible they photograph the remains.

I can only hope that her children never saw her like this.

A Serb after Bosnian Muslims finish. The sights that I have seen in putting together in this essay have made me sick, and out of that sickness came a resolve to oppose these inhuman bastards in any and every way that I can. It is hard to believe that one human being can do this to another and I don't even want to think of the method used...and worst of all...How happy the person was who did this.

Tell me again about the 'beauty' of multiculturalism.

Just eighteen more sacrificed to Allah.

So many of their victims are so young. Lying facedown in the dirt, soon to join many others in a mass gave. One must wonder why Islam seeks such a gruesome end to life for their targets of hate.

'Mass Grave'. Such a terrible term but the staggering body count left by the followers of Islam makes mass graves a necessity.

May the all rest in peace.

What you have seen above is multiculturalism at its finest. Coming soon to America, and for that we can thank our political leaders, who know of the danger but hide it from the American public as they promote multiculturalism and open borders. We can thank the MSM for concealing the attrrocities of Islam and sweeping such knowledge under the carpet. And, we can thank all of the bleeding heart liberals and their attitude of "Can't we all just live in peace?"

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